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Article: Complete guide: how to wear the long skirt for women?

Guide complet : comment porter la jupe longue pour femme ? - Loëla
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Complete guide: how to wear the long skirt for women?

Stopping a few millimeters above the ankle, the long floral skirt is a basic of the female wardrobe. Fluid, it dresses you naturally. Thanks to its ethereal material, it remains relaxed without falling into the pajama style.

No matter your body type or your style, you must have at least one long pleated skirt . It is the most suitable garment for summer walks and spring hikes. Very girly , this skirt highlights ladies of all ages and all walks of life.

Only, its port can be hampered by several issues. "Is the women's long skirt suitable for my body shape?" , "Is it possible to wear such a long skirt while being 1.65 m?" , "how can you be sure it's a long model and not a midi skirt?" , etc. So many questions that deserve answers.

Because wearing a long pleated skirt shouldn't be a Chinese puzzle, the stylists at Loëla Boutique have decided to lift the veil on these mysteries.

What is a long skirt?

Yes, this is a question that needs to be asked. You will be surprised by the number of women who still confuse long floral skirt And midi skirt with floral prints. To avoid this confusion, the whole thing is to pay attention to the length of the skirt.

Let's start at the top.

A miniskirt is a model that will stop well above the knees. Short, it reveals the legs and looks like a gazelle. If you feel the breeze of the air when you wear this garment, clearly, it is not a long skirt for women .

Able to deceive neophytes, the midi skirt stops in the middle of the calves. Having more fabric, it reveals the birth of the ankles and refines the legs. However, the fact that it stops below the knees means that it cannot be classified as long.

Finally, it is time to put words to the concept of long skirt . You know her bohemian, black, in jeans, etc. but do you really know what it is? Cannot be called long skirt than a skirt that stops right above the ankles. It must not drag on the ground at the risk of being damaged but must cover the entire leg.

Straight or flared, high waisted or low waisted, it conceals imperfections and adorns you with an almost supernatural elegance.

Be careful though: because of its length, it must be worn with care. And above all, it is crucial to choose it according to your morphology so that it is flattering.

Is it possible to wear a long skirt for women while being small?

This is a question that burns the lips of young ladies under 1.70 m. Is it really possible to wear a long pleated skirt without looking like a young lady? The answer is yes. It's all about choosing the right skirt and shoes.

Regarding the skirt, stay as far away as possible from rough materials. Wool, cashmere or tweed are not doing you any favors. Thick textiles, they stiffen your figure, drawing attention to the fact that you are not very tall.

Instead, favor fluid fabrics such as cotton jersey or muslin. Because they create movement with every step you take, they're much more flattering. If you are still hesitating to buy a long bohemian floral skirt , it's now or never to take the plunge.

In terms of footwear, unsurprisingly, petite women should definitely wear tall shoes. If you are thin, pumps are the most appropriate model. If you have a strong build, bet instead on platforms (or compensated).

As much as tall women can afford to wear the long pleated skirt with sandals, you just don't. Similarly, it is strongly recommended to avoid the XXL skirt + sneakers combo. In addition to giving you a youthful look, this association will visually make you lose precious centimeters.

Which long skirt to wear according to your morphology?

V-shaped women, that is to say with shoulders wider than the hips, are flattered by voluminous skirts. Ruffles, drapes, embroidery, … They are those who can afford frills on the long skirt for women . Indeed, the presence of these details makes it possible to rebalance the silhouette, thus creating a nice visual.

With shoulders thinner than their hips, the young ladies in A have every interest in betting on fluidity. Exit belts and drapes! Prefer them long skirts high waists that nod gracefully around your legs.

Are you an H woman? The good news is that you look just as good with a high rise as with a low rise. Be careful though… Since you don't have a marked waist, it is not necessary to add a belt. Instead, opt for flowing models with elastic waistbands that are very comfortable. For inspiration, you can take a look at these flowing skirts selected by Loëla.

For ladies in X, the story is radically different. Because of their marked waists and the perfect chest-hip balance, they can afford anything. Whatever long floral skirt caught your eye, you can be sure it will fit you like a glove.

Although often presented as a small 8, the X has its own rules of play. While X women can afford all models, those in eight must walk on eggshells. Ideally, they should avoid adding volume to their already very developed hips.

Last morphology to discuss: the "O". Strong chest, generous hips, very little marked waist, slender legs… Women in O have great physical assets. To calm things down without giving up their sensuality, they should fall for high-waisted skirts made in fluid materials.

What to wear with a long pleated skirt?

Want to get rid of the slightly too wise look of your long floral skirt ? Wear it with a sweater, shoulder bag and thin heels. In seconds, you're ready to hit the streets of Paris in style.

For a slightly wilder look, look for long skirt for women with animal prints. Panther, leopard, zebra, … It is easy to be sensual by betting on the assertive personalities of the residents of the jungle or the savannah. To not overdo it, team one of these skirts with a white t-shirt or a flowing blouse.

Another equally effective option: long pleated skirt high waist with a crop top. Even more so if the latter has summery patterns or a sparkling color. Effective, this combination is one that never wrinkles. What are you waiting for to give it a chance?

Are you naturally more daring? In this case, try to get a skirt that has a slit. Almost as sexy as the short skirt , this variant of the long skirt suits sensual young ladies who enjoy the game of seduction.

At the same time, take a few minutes to choose your accessories. For example, a denim jacket is enough to give a more contemporary look. In another style, a leather perfecto will bring the rock touch that is sometimes missing to enhance an outfit. Despite their name, the accessories are far from dispensable. Sometimes, they are the ones who give all its charm to the long skirt for women .

For shoes, choose them according to your size. For tall women (at least 1.70 m), the field is completely free. Pumps, trainers, sandals, gladiators... Wear whatever you want. On the other hand, for the others, only sandals with heels are allowed. Otherwise, you will look way too small.

All is said. Arrived at this stage of the article, you have all the cards in hand to correctly wear your long pleated skirt . Not only do you know how to choose one that highlights you, but you also know what to associate it with. It's time to go in search of the perfect skirt on Loëla's online store. And once you find it, you can sublimate your goddess body.

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