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Article: Dress with straps: Reveal your shoulders

Robe a bretelle : Dévoilez vos épaules - Loëla
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Dress with straps: Reveal your shoulders

This strappy dress collection is made for women who want to display a unique and original style. Because every woman must be represented, Loëla reinvents itself every week to offer you an exclusive wardrobe .

This collection is available with several dress models, such as dresses with thin straps and long dresses with straps.

The thin strap dress, a basic but not only

With a floral pattern, printed or plain, the dress with thin straps is as aesthetic as it is practical. It reveals your femininity with lightness and simplicity. This dress will perfectly hug your curves and reveal your figure in its best light.

Short or long, the thin strap dress adapts to all morphologies and all styles. It is one of the "must-haves" in your wardrobe. The dress with straps follows the trends and can be worn very well in summer as in winter. The possible combinations are endless whether it is a Blue dress or white, the suspender dress remains a timeless part of our collections.

A short guide to wearing the thin strap dress

Accessories hold an important place in the development of the outfit. Necklaces, earrings and other jewelry are welcome. The dress will then take on a different look while expressing your personality. Combine your accessories with the choice of heeled shoes, sandals or even feminine sneakers to add a personal touch to your look.

For vintage fashion lovers and enthusiasts, you can adopt the style of the thin strap dress and the white t-shirt. Inherited from the 90s and promoted by the muses of that era, the thin strap dress is worn over the white t-shirt. It's the return of one of the trendiest fashions.

The other particularity of this dress is that it is versatile. Worn day or night, at the beach or in the office, it creates both a sought-after and natural effect. Again, it's the accessories that take it from a casual dress to a sophisticated one.

Here is a brief summary of how to customize your spaghetti strap dress:

  • Bring style with beauty accessories (jewelry, hats etc.),
  • Opt for shoes that match your outfit,
  • Shape your look with originality by following specific fashions (retro fashion for example).

The dress with straps or the dress of all seasons

The straps of the dress can be of several sizes. There are thin straps but also wide straps also called thick straps. These are more popular in the autumn winter season. For the dress to correspond to a particular season, the interplay of materials is essential.

A dress that we prefer to wear in winter will be made of materials that retain heat such as ribbed cotton or suede. For spring summer you can opt for a short dress short made in a fluid and comfortable material to facilitate your movements. But don't forget to pair it with a bra strapless for an irreproachable effect

However, it is possible to reverse the trend and make the summer suspender dress a winter staple. A few transformations are enough to modify the dress to your liking. The strap dress does not enter a predefined mode, it is constantly renewed according to your desire. It is available and can be combined in an unlimited way.

Clothing that does not respect codes but creates them is what we try to offer you every week with our new collections.

Towards an assumed femininity

We have a wide selection of strappy dresses in store. These dresses are of several colors, several sizes and in different cuts. The exhibited brands participate in the manufacture of quality clothing.

Like for example the brand Idano which emphasizes meticulous work on its materials and finishes. The clothes are trendy and blend in with current fashion.

The brand Grace & Mila transcends femininity through an art of ready-to-wear. The French brand laureplusmax paints a free, independent and modern woman. Her wardrobe looks like her.

Finally, the Parisian brand ycoo promotes the emergence of urban fashion. It is a contemporary fashion rooted in everyday life.

Loëla favors the know-how and expertise of brands that respect women and their environment . Getting dresses with straps in our shop is a guarantee of quality. Order your dress today and opt for delivery to a pick-up point in your downtown shop. In addition to enhancing femininity through models of strapless dresses, the Loëla boutique offers a fine selection of midi dress , try these dress models to complete your wardrobe.

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