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Article: Complete guide: everything you need to know about bodysuits for women

Guide complet : tout savoir sur le body pour femmes - Loëla
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Complete guide: everything you need to know about bodysuits for women

In the 80s, elegant young ladies swore by the women's bodysuit . What was supposed to be only an underwear very quickly became a strong piece of the women's wardrobe.

And there, the youngest among you are probably wondering what a bodysuit is...

This is a clingy, one-piece lingerie set that covers the entire bust. To hold in place, it is held at the crotch by press studs.

When worn, nothing distinguishes a backless bodysuit from a standard women's top. However, because of this unique configuration, the bodysuit has certain advantages.

What are the benefits of bodysuits for women?

Rooted in your habits, you still find it difficult to try on a women's bodysuit . Even if several models caught your eye, you hesitate. Is it really glamorous? Is it as comfortable as a classic women's t-shirt ? And what about the visual?

Before you, others have asked themselves these questions. But as soon as they put on the backless bodysuit , their fears dissipated. How not to succumb to all the advantages of this piece of lingerie that has become clothing?

1. The bodysuit for women creates an elegant silhouette

Imagine for a moment...

After spending hours in front of the mirror, you have put together an outfit that you like. Perfectly adjusted, your women's top emphasizes the curve of your chest and outlines your hips. And then you go out.

Under the effect of your steps, the blouse begins to move. Formerly straight, it is now tilted to the left. Little by little, it even slips out of your pants to go up on your stomach. At the end of the day, your outfit is ruined and you have lost all form of elegance.

With a long-sleeved bodysuit , this doomsday scenario will never happen.

Because it's securely held at the crotch, the women's bodysuit stays in place no matter what you're doing. As a result, it gives you an elegant look that stands up to a grueling day at work. Is it possible to dream better?

2. The bodysuit for women improves your comfort

Even under pants, the backless bodysuit is perfect. Because it "envelops" the body, it protects you from sensations of friction and tingling. Forget the feelings of jeans stinging on your skin or belt buckles digging into your flesh. Forming a protective layer, the women's body protects you from these micro-aggressions. Never has the adage "you have to suffer to be beautiful" been so false as with women's bodysuits.

3. bodysuit for women corrects your posture

Don't forget that initially, the women's bodysuit was a piece of lingerie… From its past, it has kept a sturdier structure than classic clothes. Thus, its architecture is designed to maintain the abdominal strap and straighten the back.

Yes… In addition to being incredibly sexy, a backless bodysuit will help you ignore your bad postural habits. Say goodbye to back pain and relearn how to hold yourself properly.

4. Women's bodysuits simplify your daily life

At least once, every woman has gone through harrowing battles with their underwear. Bra that refuses to open, tanga that does as it pleases, corset that stings your ribs, ... Sometimes it can be very difficult to remain feminine.

Luckily, the women's bodysuit is designed to make your life easier.

When it comes to wearing your long-sleeved bodysuit , you only have one thing to do: put it on from the bottom. And if you ever need to use the bathroom, just press the snaps on the crotch.

With a bodysuit for women, you will be guaranteed never to suffer again to look good.

5. The bodysuit for women to change your style

Over time, the women's bodysuit has become as versatile as the women's long-sleeved t-shirt . Mean by this that it exists in all styles.

Are you a fan of flowing tops that sway in the wind? The designers have thought of you with a blouse-shaped bodysuit. More focused on street style and its relaxed look? Once again, you will find shoe with your foot. Likewise, sensual young ladies will be thrilled with the backless bodysuit .

Revisited in every possible way, the women's bodysuit is a garment that knows how to adapt to everyone's desires.

Which body to choose according to your morphology?

It's a question that burns the lips of all women: "which body suit will best suit my morphology?" . Indeed, like all clothes, a long-sleeved bodysuit must be selected taking into account your physique. If you have a developed chest, it is unlikely that you will have the same facilities as a woman with an A cup.

Which bodysuit for small breasts?

The advice given in this section concerns women who display cups A, B, or even a small C. Beyond that, it is better to immediately move on to the next paragraph.

The advantage of small breasts is that they allow you to wear plunging necklines without falling into vulgarity. If you are naturally timid, it is possible to play the sensuality card with a very low-cut backless bodysuit .

In terms of material, the choice is also wider. Sequins, bright colors, transparency, … Your template allows you eccentricities that most wouldn't even dare to think of.

Which bodysuit for large breasts?

The challenge of generous busts is to offer enough support when dressing. To do this, bet on structuring materials such as the Milano knit. Note that this fabric is also recognized as being very comfortable.

Regarding the neckline, favor round collars. Highlighting your chest with tact, it is also very sophisticated.

What bodysuit to camouflage the curves?

Woman with a generous body, you have a few curves that bother you. It can for example be a small belly or a few rolls on the hips. Although minimal, these imperfections obsess you. The situation is such that at one point you thought about giving up the long-sleeved bodysuit .

To camouflage these elements, wear a body blouse or a loose bodysuit. Extremely fluid, it floats around the body and makes these unsightly areas invisible.

What to wear with a women's bodysuit?

In addition to being comfortable, the women's bodysuit is easy to wear. The whole thing is to balance the silhouette. Thus, a body blouse will be worn with a close-fitting bottom while a tight bare back body will be associated with flared jeans or a flared skirt. Easy, isn't it?

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