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Article: The women's playsuit: the strong trend of this summer

Le combishort femme : la tendance forte de cet été - Loëla
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The women's playsuit: the strong trend of this summer

As soon as the sun peeked out, you started dreaming of idleness and ice-cold mojitos. After several months of gray weather and gray skies, nature is finally showing itself to be more lenient. To make the most of the beautiful season, dare to wear a playsuit for women .

Before scanning your legs for any imperfections, wait! Don't let the length of the women's jumpsuit scare you. Indeed, stylists have put together variants capable of satisfying women of all stripes. Round, small or with large breasts, know that there is at least one playsuit made for you.

Which women's playsuit for which morphology?

A few years ago, you were skeptical when it came to buying a chic women's jumpsuit . And then you got caught up in the game and became addicted to this garment. Easy to put on and take off, it also has the advantage of forming a complete outfit.

It is for exactly the same reasons that you will fall in love with the women's short jumpsuit . Ready to discover the wonders of this versatile outfit?

What playsuit to wear with a large chest?

Busty women should always exercise restraint when buying clothes with low necklines. Indeed, all it takes is a little too pronounced indentation for them to fall into vulgarity. Even when buying a playsuit, this rule prevails.

Although in tune with the times, bustier-shaped playsuits are not for you. Not only do they draw too much attention to your chest, but they also compress it. Result of the races: you are badly dressed and uncomfortable.

Are you thinking of opting for a women's jumpsuit with a V-neckline? Once again, be careful… Because it reveals your bust too much, this opening is not the one that suits you best.

Ideally, look for jumpsuits with square or rounded collars. Thus, your chest will be highlighted with refinement.

What playsuit to wear with a small chest?

There is a cutout that beautifully highlights small breasts: the "off shoulder" .

To be sensual with a women's jumpsuit , bet on the Bardot neckline. Concretely, it is a cut whose sleeves fall on the arms, leaving the shoulders completely bare. Imagine the effect on naturally tanned skin…

If the jumpsuit also has ruffles on the front side, your chest will seem more voluminous. Falsely wise, a little bohemian, this cut is a delight for young ladies with small breasts and fans of the romantic style.

What playsuit to wear when you're tall?

With your 1.80 m, you are systematically a head above other women. While it's tempting to think that this is always an advantage, it's not. With such a silhouette, you run the risk of appearing "all in length" .

Create relief by drawing the eye to one or more areas of your body. The easiest way is still to wear a women's playsuit with a magnificent bare back. Thus, you structure your silhouette while adding a touch of eroticism to your outfit.

What playsuit to wear when you have strong hips?

Are you a curvaceous young lady? The high-waisted playsuit for women is the model that will fit you like a glove.

To highlight your curves, avoid seams and yokes that are located at the hips. For what ? Simply because they draw attention to this rather strong part of your morphology. Preferably, it is better to discard this type of fantasies. Stay on a minimalist women's jumpsuit with no frills.

If you have an hourglass figure, add a belt. Thus, you will emphasize your hips and mark your waist even more. In addition, wearing high-waisted mini shorts with a belt will give a slightly vintage look.

What is the ideal length for a playsuit?

Dare to say that you have never asked yourself this question…

One of the fears of women is to end up with a women's jumpsuit that is too long or too short. If the playsuit is too wide, you will look thicker than usual. Some people may even ask you if you are pregnant… Conversely, a women's playsuit that is too short is vulgar and extremely uncomfortable. It is therefore necessary to find a happy medium.

In optimal conditions, the perfect playsuit stops at the middle of the thigh. Below, its length shortens the legs and cups petite women. Above, you run the risk of having a garment that interferes between your buttocks or reveals the lower edge of the latter.

Think about it the next time you want to buy a playsuit.

What to wear a jumpsuit with?

Wear the playsuit in a casual setting

Maybe you just want to hang out in the summer… Maybe you need to join your friends for a walk along the river… Or maybe you're looking for an easy-to-wear yet elegant outfit.

In these three cases (and even more), you can fall for women's overalls or a jumpsuit. Seduced by the second option? To stay in the summer mood, bet on models cut in bright fabrics or with flower patterns. With white sneakers and a pair of glasses, the effect will be there.

Note that in this case, it is better to turn to fluid materials. Linen, cotton, muslin,… Any textile that is both light and easy to maintain will lend itself perfectly to the occasion.

Wear the playsuit in the evening

Are you invited to a party? To distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd, wear a sophisticated playsuit. Purchasable on Loëla Boutique, evening short jumpsuits are much more elegant than those intended for daytime use. The fabrics are thicker and more precious, the cuts are bolder and the colors sparkle.

To complete the ensemble, put on a pair of high heels or wedge sandals. Don't forget the handbag and jewelry. Above all, don't underestimate the impact a brooch can have on an outfit...

Wear the playsuit to the office

Warning: as much as the women's shorts suit will be accepted in start-ups and young companies, it is not sure that it will be accepted in banks.

First and foremost, make sure your workplace code accepts the playsuit. Is the answer positive? Choose a model without a neckline that you accessorize with a long coat and a beautiful tote.

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