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Article: Selection of short dresses for all occasions

Sélection de robes courtes pour toutes les occasions - Loëla
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Selection of short dresses for all occasions

The short dress is a key element of the female wardrobe. Pleasant to wear, it dresses you up every day like during a big social event. Short dress with long sleeves , short sleeves, with straps or bustier, flared or tight, straight cut… you will find what you are looking for on the Loëla website. Our extensive collection of women's short dresses caters to all tastes and budgets. All you have to do is place an order to be sublime on all occasions!

The short dress for confident women

The short women's dress is the feminine dress par excellence. Easy to wear, it enhances your figure. It's a must-have piece for women who aren't afraid to show off their personality. As soon as they enter a room, all eyes will be on them. The short dress also allows small sizes to appear more slender.

Symbol of modernity and freedom, this type of dress ensures you an incomparable style whatever the season. There long sleeve short dress is perfectly suited for an evening with friends or lovers when winter is on its way. On the other hand, the flowy short summer dress is very appreciated for its lightness and its charm for a barbecue or a cocktail on the beach.

The short dress shows off your legs and knees. It is therefore ideal for evenings where the rules of dress are not too demanding. Know that it is not made to strip you. On the contrary, it exposes what must be shown without falling into indecency. You just need to find the right length, the right color and the right accessories to go with it.

You can buy the short dress for which you had a crush on the Loëla shop. A wide range of short dresses and long dress await you there. The latter go down to the ankles or can touch the ground. Fluid and airy, they are suitable for all your activities in summer. They highlight a bohemian, romantic and refined style.

The different types of short dresses

THE short dresses are available in a wide variety of materials and styles.

Short strapless dress

A beautiful short-length strapless dress highlights your head bearing at first sight. It reveals your bust and shoulders to make you stand out at a party. This cut will fit any occasion where you want to stand out without overdoing it. It highlights a sexy and romantic style at the same time.

The skater dress

Buy a short flowing dress in the skater version, it's choosing a cut that marks your size. It is wide at the level of your thighs and is a little flared at the level of the hips. This type of dress knows how to show off your strengths and hides your little flaws. It makes your figure more voluptuous and your legs even slimmer.

The shirt dress

The shirt dress can act as short summer dress . A timeless piece of wardrobes, masculine and feminine at the same time, it has the gift of making you look better. Although her appearance is a bit strict, she can still accompany you anywhere and anytime. The shirt dress can also be perfect for days of relaxation and lazing around.

The straight short dress

This is the classic dress found in stores. In the short version, it infuses an elegant style to all women choosing to wear it. Fitted to emphasize the waist, with or without sleeves, it can have a fluid or tight structure. The choice is yours.

It's a basic that can easily be worn on a daily basis. This source of inspiration in the association of looks is displayed in several colours: khaki, bronze, peach, fuchsia… Dotted with prints or lace, this type of dress can go with cold and warm tones.

The asymmetric short dress

The asymmetrical dress is a modern piece in its own right. The asymmetry can be located at the bottom of the dress or at the top according to your desires. It promotes a sophisticated and classy look. For a sexier side, you will discover models where only one shoulder will be bare. The leg cut can also accommodate an asymmetry. One end may be longer than the other.

The wrap dress

Being elegant in a wrap dress, yes it is possible! With its little retro air and in a short version, it is open in the front and has a crossed V neckline. This dress ties at the waist and enhances it as well as your chest. The long wrap dress is also an essential part of your vacation. The most emblematic model remains the one that goes down above the knees.

The trapeze dress

This small geometric wonder was born in the 60s. Its characteristics: it is flared from the chest and is wide at the shoulders. Result: your silhouette is sculpted! Pleasant and comfortable to wear, the trapeze dress gives you total freedom of movement.

For which occasions to wear a short dress?

Long dress rhymes with evening, but the short dress also has its say. This can be worn on many occasions. For a chic evening, a wedding or a birthday, a short dress woman bustier will do. It delicately reveals your bare shoulders.

The wrap dress offers a chic, classy and refined look. For a special occasion, the skater or cocktail dress is ideal, especially when paired with stiletto heels and a sequined clutch.

The little black dress is the timeless piece that goes with everything and is suitable for all evenings. It is easy to accessorize and transforms you in turn into a relaxed, chic, contemporary or refined woman. For a romantic dinner, the plunging backless dresses will make the fairer sex more attractive than ever.

What colors make you stand out?

Be aware that not all colors suit everyone. To choose the color of your short dress, you must consider your skin tone. If you have a golden complexion, fair hair and hazel or green eyes, a dress in warm colors such as orange, brown, pastel blue, turquoise or ivory will look stunning on you.

On the other hand, if you have milky skin, blond hair and black or blue eyes, a dress in cool colors such as off-white, bluish red or plum will delight you. A White dress will make you look like a Greek goddess. Opt for a dress with thin white straps.

The printed dress also has many followers. Its port brings a small note of sensuality. The sequin dress brings out the glamorous woman in you. If it is a tight dress, cold colors are to be preferred. Finally, if you want to look like Hollywood stars, warm tones like paprika orange, bronze, anise green will lend themselves to the red carpet. You can layer several pieces to better display your style: checkered shirt, velvet jacket or jeans, trench coat.

Choose your short dress from our many models in the running. She can accompany you during your days and evenings.

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